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As noted on the example, do not select "event" for the gender option. Hour and Minutes as well as birth country and birth town are necessary for correct House placements. When all the information is added into this form, click the button "Continue. On the Astrodienst site, this is how your chart with transits will look. The planet glyphs in green around the outside of the circle are the transiting planets.

Shortest Lunar Eclipse and last Red Moon for 3 Years

For the Eclipses, we will only need the Sun and Moon mostly the Sun. From the outside, inward, the first outer layer of the circle with the zodiac glyphs are the astrological signs, 30 degrees each. The next layer inward are the natal houses and planets. The house size can vary from about 10 degrees to about 60 degrees, depending on the birth data entered.

So don't be upset if you see some really small houses and then some really large houses. The inner layer are the natal aspects between planets. We don't need to worry about those aspects for this instruction. BUT, since I know people are going to ask; Red are the squares and oppositions, Blue are the sextiles and trines, Dark Green is inconjunct or quincunx. Now that we have a chart, we have the information that tells us what we want to know or close to telling us.

To the left on the example image above , in red I show you what the Sun and Moon glyphs look like. We are looking for the green ones located outside of the chart.

Tetrad Moon Lunar Eclipse

I also put the numbers of the houses in red to help make that more clear. On these transit charts, the time is computed by the server system, so the time of the chart may not match up with the time of the eclipse. The Moon can move approximately 13 degrees in a day. But the Sun will only move about 1 degree in a day. So rely on the Sun being closer to accurate than the Moon. In this example, the Lunar Eclipse Sun is transiting the 4th house yet the Moon is in the 9th house.

The 9th house does not oppose the 4th, so we know that the Moon has not yet made it to the state of being a Lunar Eclipse. For the correct reading, the Lunar Eclipse Moon should be transiting the 10th house. My point being - rely on the Sun to find where the Moon should be.

The landscape version makes it easier to see all the details; the birth data, the transit date, the natal and transit planet locations, the degrees of the houses, and more. The choice of layout is yours based on what is easier for you. STEP 1 - First, proceed to Astrodienst and you will encounter a page that looks a little like this: At the top of this example page I have inserted a pink arrow showing where to click. On the real home page, at Astrodienst, click on the "Free Horoscopes" link to proceed.

You should not need to create an account or log in to get a chart. STEP 8 - Moving on to the important piece: Now that we have a chart, we have the information that tells us what we want to know or close to telling us. With that being said we also need the information about two solar eclipses that will occur coincidently in the year The general understanding of the Blood Moon Tetrad is that just as the first of the 4 lunar eclipses a significant event will happen within the history of man.

It may be natural disaster or a man-made event. If it does not happen at the first event then it will happen just before or after the 4th event.

Total Lunar Eclipse Tetrad – Not the end of the world

Please note that the idea of the 4 lunar eclipses relates to the 4 letters of the Tetragrammaton. In Hebrew Astrology a lunar eclipse is thought of as an amplication device. It amplifies the energy that is in the cosmos at the time of the event.

What is the energy of the cosmos on the night of the first Seder? It is free lunch. The same light that comes into the universe on Shavuot - the night of the revelation of the Torah comes into the universe on the night of the first Seder. Then this light disappears and returns on Shavuot. The 50 days in between are an important ritual of cleansing and building your vessel. This year due to the amplication effect of the lunar eclipse the revelation of the Light of the Torah will have a greater impact.

Let us hope that people will realize that their vessel needs to be built to a greater degree so that they will be able to handle the change the world will undergo over the next 50 days. Every year on Passover the same energy of the initial redemption comes into the universe.

It is the energy of the revelation of the Torah that takes place on Shavuot. There is only one difference. On Pesach HaShem created a miracle and changed the natural rules of the universe. On Pesach the energy is free. There is no bread of shame since the Children of Israel had fallen to the 49th Gate of Negativity and HaShem did not want them to fall any farther.

Therefore, he revealed the Light of Torah on Pesach during the plague of the first born.

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There was free energy that night and then that energy left the universe until it was to return on Shavuot. The difference is that on Shavuot to receive the energy one must have earned it by counting the Omer. This avoids the penalty of Bread of Shame. On Pesach the lunar eclipse will amplify this energy. The lunar eclipse will make the energy of freedom stronger. This strength will cause the manifestation of the Peace in the Middle East promised in the verse discussed in the next paragraph. The world will change do to this amplification just as it changed in with the revelation of the modern state of Israel and also in with the reunification of Jerusalem.

Astrology Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse April 2015 by KG Stiles, Astrologer

You can wait on the sidelines and watch or you can participate in the joy of this change this Pesach. That choice is yours to make.

Legal information

There is one hint in the Torah that will explain this world change. It is the verse in Samuel Bet Chapter This verse which we at yeshshem and our students have been saying since the beginning of the year relates to the potential peace treaty between the government of Israel and the government of the Palestinian People. This will manifest during or shortly after these 50 days leading up to or shortly after Shavuot. As to the possibility of what the world change will be if it manifests after the 4th lunar eclipse we will write about this when we reveal the messages in the Name of the year You can find a partial revealment on any Yeshshem web page.

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This takes place on October 8th of Erev Sukkot is the night of October 8th. It is not yet clear to me the timing of this Lunar eclipse. Is it the morning of October 8 or the evening of October 8th? When the timing is clear i will add more to this page. One point to remember is that this is the month of Tishrai in the year