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This will give you any annual or daily angles you specify, direct or converse. It was the late Al H. Work needs to be done in all these areas. Use these daily patterns in conjunction with the daily Quotidian chart to keep track of opportunities and hazards. So did I, at first. My mind was completely changed when my parents died within a year of each other and I couldn't find the patterns in my chart at all. Then there was a little light-bulb moment - I fished out of a drawer a beautifully-made astrological circular slide-rule that I had bought from its inventor Maurice Silver s few years previously.

He had made provision for calculations backward as well as forward in time The converse Sun was opposite Saturn. Later I was to find the same poignant contact in the nativity of Jesus when he was taken to the Cross. The converse Sun was conjunct Saturn. Progressions are like so many time-keyed matrioshkas, earlier mirrored in later Although secondary progressions are the most popular there are others. In minor progressions, one lunar month after birth equals one year of life, so a lunar return in minor equals a solar return in regular time.

In tertiary progressions, one day after birth equals one lunar month of life, so a diurnal return in regular time equals a lunar return in tertiary. And converse progressions, which are usually secondary-based but theoretically could use minor or tertiary, actually start with the birth and work backward in time. Aside from the arbitrary hookup of one cycle diurnal, lunar, or solar being equated to another, what physical basis is there in real time as we know it, or is there any at all?

The simplest, most common explanations, that progressions secondary represent early inner learning and development in the infant that somehow surfaces at prescribed points later in adulthood, has psychological appeal but makes no physical sense at all. The same may be said about minor and tertiary, though their periods extend further into childhood.

Even if these periods do describe early childhood development as transits, how are their manifestations neatly deposited so that they manifest at specific, known times in the future according to these cycle equivalencies? The answer may be that although the earlier celestial events may seem to precede and foreshadow the later reality, suggesting one should look for a linear before-and-after, cause-and-effect relationship, the actual situation is all of a piece, fractal, and mutually self-reflecting in what may be a multidimensional temporality.

In a single, simple analogous image, the veins in the very first leaves of a single-branched sapling directly foreshadow the shape and complexity of the giant, many-branched tree that lies in the future, not because one leads to another, but because they are both part of a larger evolutionary picture.

Progressions in Astrology

In fact, in a loose parallel to progressions, early tree branching indications can actually be used to forecast later full tree size and biomass [see fractal branch analysis ]. That very thought leads directly to what progressions most likely truly are: fractal resonance down through time, innate in the very mix of natural cycles that abide across time.

There is a direct resonance between cyclical reversal of day and night, the diurnal rhythm that sets the tides, the monthly lunar cycle which modifies the tides, and the yearly reversal of summer and winter that sets the tides of temperature and all else that seasonally drives across the planet. Journey Returns says, "If Venus in the 8th House forms stressful aspects, it could signify a financial loss or the passing of an important relationship from your life during the year.


Regarding the Return Venus square Return Neptune aspect, the report says, "With Venus discordantly aspecting Neptune, you may experience confusion, sadness, deception, or uncertainty in close relationships or contractual agreements. A sense of unreality may pervade your love life.

Significant people may pass from your life. Scott's solar return has Mars in the 7th House.

Progressions (Astrology): Books

Journey Returns says, "The impatient "me first" attitude of the red planet could cause conflicts or disruptions in a marriage, partnership, or contractual relationship. You may view others as selfish, or they may see you as primarily satisfying your own desires at their expense.

Remember that you need to give in order to get; otherwise, close relationships could turn into a battlefield during the coming year. You are capable of almost fanatic effort in pursuing your goals. You must guard against undue zeal, especially if it means treading on the rights and needs of others. Passions run high. Tempers may flare. The excessive use of force can have negative consequences. Regarding Return Jupiter exactly trine Return Pluto , the report says, "Return Jupiter aspecting Return Pluto can mean positive changes for your social status.

Introduction to Astrology Part 4 - Transits, progressions & Solar Returns - Raising Vibrations

Benefits may come through the government or those in authority. Sexual issues may capture your attention.


Progressed Sun Changing Signs - The Real Astrology Academy

Events may occur that enhance your understanding of human mortality and promote personal transformation. This did not happen for the perpetrators of thousands of other murders. Scott's solar return has Saturn in the 4th House. Journey Returns says, "Some aspect of family life may become burdensome and need to be put in order A burdensome situation from the past may come to a final conclusion. On occasion, this position will signify the loss of a family member during the year. Scott's solar return has Uranus in the Return 12th House , which Journey Returns says, "suggests sudden happenings that disrupt the status quo with regard to clandestine affairs A love affair may be carried on behind the scenes.

A secret could be revealed in unexpected or unusual ways. Adversaries may surprise you with their opposition to your activities. Opportunities may arise for work involving hospitals, prisons, asylums, museums, libraries, or other large institutions Abrupt changes in your life circumstances can leave you feeling despondent. What is unusual about Laci's solar return is the Sun's square from the 7th House of Marriage to a close conjunction of Moon and Neptune in the 4th House self-deception in the home.

In rare cases, you, or someone close to you, may entertain thoughts of suicide. You would be wise to shore up your mental health and avoid acting as your own worst enemy. You may confront issues involving escapism, confusion, self-deception, hopelessness, or loss of touch with reality.

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Negatively, this energy can manifest as disputes, accidents, collisions, shocks, injuries, broken bones, losses, sexual difficulties, or a need for surgery. In Scott's lunar return there is an amazingly exact opposition of cold, controlling Saturn to the Sun, where Saturn is on the cusp of the 6th House of Private Activity and the Sun is on the cusp of the 12th House of Self-Undoing.

Mars and Venus are exactly conjunct the Midheaven. Here is Laci's lunar return chart for the month starting December 9, What is unusual about Laci's lunar return chart above is the close conjunction of Venus and Mars with Juno the Marriage Asteroid in the 8th House of Death, the close conjunction of the Moon and Uranus in the 12th House of Problems with Neptune right on its cusp, and the exact conjunction of the Sun with Pluto near the Midheaven.

Also, cold retrograde karmic Saturn is sitting in the 4th House of the Home. Primary directions are slow movements of the planets in the chart. They can relate to events within a year of their occurence. Scott Peterson has the following Classical Primary Directions with Latitude around the time of his wife's murder.

Minor Aspects in the Natal Chart, by Transit, and by Progression

Basic life structures will be challenged and torn down before being built again. An event may force you to confront the issue of human mortality. Your passionate nature may become a source of burden or limitation. Avoid "fatal attraction" types of relationships.

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A period of enforced withdrawal or restriction is possible. Health may be affected through problems with skin, teeth, bones, or the reproductive organs. This can sometimes indicate the loss of an older individual through death. Communication with loved ones does not flow smoothly. An emotional letter may be a source of stress but can lead to significant personal growth.

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Women may cause trouble or make you the brunt of gossip.