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Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. How are you just gonna generalize ALL Sagittarians and there are 7billion people on the planet.

This sums up every Sagittarius I've ever known to a t. Know it all that thinks they are the smartest person in the room Not , totally selfish and self centered, Lazy as all hell, extremely immature, extremely jealous, and think they have it worse than anyone in the world, to name a few. God, they repulse me. They are actually laughable and ludicrous because they will come up with a pie in the sky, fantastical, blanket solution to a problem that needs a concrete answer.

Forget about finding a doctor if you have cancer. They'll say God will wave a magic wand and cure you. Not Smart You'll get a raging backlash for it. No, according to them they have ALL the answers. STFU obnoxious Sagittarius. You've got many flaws but are too prideful to admit it or even Think of it. You've closed your mind off to learning and that makes you dumber. Never mind, you won't listen. It's true. Sagittarius is a very loving and kind and equal to all. They are great leaders that care much about everyone around them.

And hate fake people because Sagittarius are very honest. The dark side of Sagittarius will came out when he or she is no longer have the tolerance with you. When you angered him or her,.. You have successfully lured the Devil of them come out. And you can't even imagine how much he hate you and will destroy you like a brutal mindless psychopath. Sagittarians, in my experience, are the most nasty, jealous, brain-dead, spiteful, irresponsible excuses for a person out there. None of them, if they're being honest, have ever wanted to have children, as they have no comprehension of what it means to raise a child.

They are so narcissistic that the child is just another object in their artillery, either to use for show, or to get money from their ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, or the State whilst they ponce around doing nothing in particular certainly nothing that is useful. They have no idea how to be a parent, and are so cruel that the child can count itself not committing suicide as an achievement. Sagittarians start out as precocious children, but rarely develop much beyond school age. Indeed, they thrive at school, and teachers love them, but as adults, have paper-thin personalities made up of all the gurus' teachings they have ever absorbed, usually in not very great detail.

They are masters of copying, but very little else, which explains why few of them even have so much as an original bone in their bodies. Sag is no different. You guys have many negative traits as every other sign. Thirsty for attention. Know it alls yet know nothings, quick to jump to conclusions and intolerable. But you guys need to be brought to awareness your darker side. So, here it goes!

sagittarius dark side.

Are we??? Where are these evil Sagittarians?? I was genuinely surprised! Unfortunately I do not have many sagittarius friends! My best friend who is a Libra dated a Sagittarius who was an absolute ass!!

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He was a liar, cheat, trying to be the smartest all the time etc.. All my Scorpio friends have common traits and characteristics but I have also known some nasty ones.. I know what its like to have a broken heart.. We can be equal in our strengths and views, opinions and all that but once you start looking down on me, I just move on. Friends I have have been for over 20 years and some even longer than that. It pisses me off that you can generalise and put everyone in the same basket! I feel sorry for you, if you think like that.. I am currently in a relationship with a sag and although at the beginning of our relationship , he was very thoughtful and extremely kind and he still is sometimes.

He and I have been dating now for almost two years and I'm exhausted! He won't allow me to do anything go anywhere unless I ask him first, and if i don't he refuses to talk to me for days.

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He's , very controlling and he gets very angry with me anytime I ask for my space. I can't tell him anything , because if I do he throws it in my face. He gets extremely and overly jealous of anyone taking my time away from him. He has to always be right. And he thrives on being center of attention. He doesn't see his on flaws but he can easily point out others. He's lazy , and expects me to clean up after him. He is constantly putting me down and tells me that all women are stupid. I'm sure that this isn't always the case with sags , at least I hope not. I still agree with cubo. He said it best!

And I couldn't agree with him more. Once I get the courage to end the relationship before I decide to go out on a future date with someone new ill be sure to ask them when their birday is. What you said is very practical n echoed some of my thoughts as well, infact i signed up for this site just to make this reply n thank you!

Sweet no sounds better than the rude yes. And this article was nothing but a ruse yes to bring out our "dark side" which we call truth, blunt truth on the account of anything. We don't only say things to dare the norms but we also dare to say it when everyone is running on circles.

It could be awkward and nasty of what we are capable of but do we really commit in doing it? Or we just raise the level of awareness by storming and highlighting the situation? Those who were born in storm to create typhoons do not fear the wind, or breezes. We neglect them for being too negligible and naive when it comes to what we have to do. Some call is arrogance, some call it courage. It all depends what was the subject and what was the object, we are just the verb.

The Dark Side of each Zodiac Sign

You could have an object and Subject in a sentence but without the verb nothing makes sense or completes the notion. If you even want to say something, you shouldn't use the part to judge the whole and regardless of signs, entertainers will always be entertainers.

2. They can have a god-complex.

But i feel its your ignorance of this sign, because the sags are the most independent signs, we don't ask people to do things for us, we are not showoff that's why a sag will help you and expect nothing in return, also our sense of dressing is moderate, we don't seek attention but attention seeks us. We are sinisters because we are the most forgiving signs and we do let go of things. The fact that we are childish is for those we are close to but otherwise we are very mature.

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  4. Its because of our childish nature that we tend to see the bigger picture, to forgive like a child,trust like a child and see the good in everyone no matter their bahaviour. It is also this childish nature that makes people to be themselves around us.

    So please stop hating, you could say negative traits of a sign without coming off as offensive. Kindly stop hating we sags. Finally, a page showing the darker side to the 'ever-friendly' nightmare known as Sagittarius. You could write about Pisces, Taurus etc all day and perhaps find one or two people who are unhappy about any negative portrayals, but generally they will agree with SOME points For the most part, they simply cannot see all the negatives that others see in them.

    For some reason, they are totally blind to how nasty they can often appear to others. Many will even read this post and automatically assume theat I must have it all wrong Well, no, sorry Sag's will preach as usual about how wrong any negative portrayals are and get quite uppity about it. Very often, they are deluded self-promoters and absolutely will not entertain the idea that they have flaws They are condesending, know-it-alls, who tend to have one specialist subject which they go on and on about.

    This gets really cringey and embarrassing in a social setting. This weird attitude happens with a smug 'wise' look which suggests 'Poor, poor you They cannot keep secrets at all Once they find out your secrets, they blabber them to absolutely everyone asap, while laughing at your stupidity. They will then moan about how everyone tells them their problems Challenge them why they spread your secrets and they'll brush you off and tell you to 'get over it! And boy I hate my job Sag's are also hugely passive-aggressive.

    They often won't commit to a relationship, but dare their lover get bored with them and actually look for another partner who'll commit, then they get mega nasty.


    Sagittarius Personality - Astrology Matters: the art of perfect timing

    They will go to huge lengths to chip away at the new lover's character. They will wedge themselves back into their old lovers life They don't necessarily want the lover back, they simply will NOT be beaten by a perceived competitor. Again, Scorpio gets a bad rap for being jealous As the article suggests, Sag is often rotten from the inside-out bad breath is common too , this rot usually pollutes the people they're most jealous of. They are the masters of 'death-by-a-thousand-cuts. They will happily, secretly kill your reputation and love every moment of doing it.