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Return Charts include returns of the Sun, Moon or any planet or standard asteroid to its natal or any other specified position.


Returns can be tropical, sidereal or precession-corrected; direct or converse; full, demi, quarti, or any other harmonic; and you can do a whole string of returns from any starting date. Other types of return include progressed solar returns and Wynn Key Cycles. Lunar-Phase Charts include progressed and transiting lunar phases, eclipses, phase returns, and Pessin lunar phase families. You can view any forecasting chart either by itself or in a multi-ringed wheel along with the natal and other charts.

These bodies have their own glyphs, and you can include them in virtually every part of the program, including the regular wheel rings and tables, dynamic hitlists, astro-mapping and planetarium views, and the new chart and electional searches. Asteroid interpretations include both natal and transiting sign and house interps for all 7 bodies, plus natal, transiting and synastry aspect interps for Chiron.

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Besides bodies in the asteroid belt, these include the Centaurs and newly discovered transneptunian objects like Quaoar and Sedna. Positions are from the Swiss Ephemeris and extend from to AD.


You can add ephemerides for more centuries and more asteroids from any source that is in Swiss Ephemeris or pre Pottenger format. These extra bodies are indicated by alphanumeric characters, which you can choose. You can select and save your own asteroid sets, and can include them in extra-points wheel rings and tables; as transiting, progressed and natal points in dynamic hitlists, time maps and graphic ephemerides; and also in custom-generated ephemeris tables.

The Flexible Points Lists that are available in page designs enable you to select columns that show the asteroid name, abbreviation, discovery number, coordinates, house, Gauquelin sector and other info, and you can sort the list alphabetically or numerically by any of these columns. You can also add black holes, quasars, etc. You could even use the Fixed Stars Editor to enter the day-by-day positions of a comet which you could then display in the Planetarium View, with or without the planets of a natal chart.

This shows the true spatial relation of stars to a chart. These can provide a clue as to whether the star is making parans with other bodies in the chart. These show either aspects or parans between stars and the other points in a chart. Brief traditional designations are also given for the set of 31 stars mentioned by Ptolemy.

You can also adjust star positions for precession and proper motion by entering a new date in the Fixed Stars Editor.

Libra gold professional astrology software free download

These charts show the moment of greatest eclipse rather than the moment of the exact Sun-Moon aspect in longitude. You can search for specific types of eclipses, eclipses in a given Saros series, or eclipses that aspect a specified zodiacal position or points in a given chart. For each eclipse found, you can see the eclipse type, Saros number, magnitude and duration, and you can double-click on it to view the full eclipse chart.

The selection menu includes the eclipse type and Saros number. The eclipse just prior to the chart can also be shown as a sensitive point in extra-points tables and in an extra-points ring of chart wheels. Not only can you animate chart wheels, you can also animate aspectarians and even whole pages in order to watch their tables of dignities, arabic parts, rays and a lot more change through time.

You can also animate dials, get point-and-click interpretations, and print out any chart that you see on the screen. This simple and direct way of looking at charts could well become your favorite way to forecast! To get it, you simply put the animated chart on automatic update.

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ASTROGRAPH - TimePassages Astrology Software for PC, Mac & iPhone

You can do transits to natal, transiting, progressed or directed positions , progressions secondary, tertiary, minor and user-defined, to natal or progressed positions , arc directions solar, Ascendent, Vertex or user-defined whole, double, half or reverse arcs , sign and house ingresses, stations and eclipses. You can also include parallels of declination or latitude, primary directions mundane or Van Dam , annual profections, and void-of-course Moon times. You can do any of these by themselves or mix them in one timed list, and you can gain even further flexibility by merging hitlists.

As points, you can include both moving and natal asteroids, hypothetical planets, midpoints, and even the moving Asc, MC, Vertex and Equatorial Ascendant. Plus, as natal points you can include intermediate house cusps, Arabic parts, and any fixed points that you specify. Other choices include natal or relocated; geo or helio; tropical, sidereal or precession-corrected; regular or converse; and timing to either the day or the minute. Once you set up all your selections for a given purpose, you can name and save them for future use.

Or sort by natal points to see how each factor in the chart is affected by the transits during that period. Or sort by the moving point to see what each moving point is doing to all the planets in a chart.

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Or group entering, exact and leaving dates together to see the whole course of each transit as it enters orb, perfects and separates. Or sort by type of aspect. Or sort transits, progressions, directions, ingresses, stations and eclipses into separate sections. For more information about a hit, you can click on it to see other instances of the transit, a paragraph of interpretation, or a full chart wheel for the moment.

You can also copy just the hits themselves to a word processor or spreadsheet, where you can edit them, manipulate them in tables, etc. In addition, you can see the location of eclipse paths and print out local space charts. With Solar Fire 7, picking an auspicious beginning has never been easier! The new Electional Search feature finds time periods that meet whatever aspect, sign and other criteria that you specify.

You can start with very simple criteria, and then keep adding more criteria to refine your search for the best possible planetary conditions in any specified time window. You can save your complex criteria sets for future use, and can add to them whenever you please. Once you have opened the software, you may not return it for a refund or credit. You assume the responsibility for the selection of the program to achieve your intended results, and for the installation, use and results obtained from the program.

Please be sure to call me, Karen Drye, at if you wish to request a demo or sample. Astrolabe assumes no liability for any decisions made based on output from our programs. By getting full support from your spouse you will be able to face many difficulties this year. Concerns about the health of a senior member of the house will remain intact, but eventually the concern will prove to be worthless.

A person associated with the art field will be able to perform satisfactorily. The works initiated in the dark lunar fortnight or waning moon will prove to be good and beneficial.

Astrology software 12222

As per Lal Kitab Horoscope , people from Leo zodiac sign will get new job and career opportunities. Senior officials will get full support. Good hikes will be available for easy work. Your social connection will get improved. Unmarried people will plan their family life. Students will take a keen interest in studies. People with land, property, photography, modeling and advocacy will be able to perform better. After the month of March, employers can get the benefit of increment. Your family life will be better than last year.

Receiving full support from your spouse will give you emotional morale and will help you get rid of loneliness. There may be fear of health, but ultimately, nothing will prove right. Your family life will be sweet compared to the last time. With the help of your father, taking concrete steps in investing will help you give a sense of financial security towards the future.

According to Lal Kitab Horoscope , people from Virgo zodiac sign will have to be careful. Careful behavior in the workplace will prove to be beneficial. The burden may increase due to the work pressure, which can cause stress.

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  7. Expecting more cooperation from senior officials will not be right. When the month of June ends, the situation will get better. The planetary position indicates that people associated with politics need to control their anger. The hasty decision will ultimately prove wrong. The good news is that there will be an end to the conflict of marital life and there will be sweetness in relationships. Big decisions related to the family matters can be taken.

    According to Lal Kitab horoscope , you will get positive results in just a few efforts. This year, you will work hard in your business and you will also get the expected success. There will be new job opportunities. There is a sign of better economic condition in the salary, wage or other way. Senior officials will give you guidance and support. Your positive thinking will keep you alive for life. People related to Cinema, theater and art will be able to perform better in their craft. People associated with the business need to be alert. Do not rush to expand the work.

    Time for competing examinations for girls is favorable. As per Lal Kitab Prediction , you will be able to divide any major task into small tasks and become intuitive in the art of doing it effortlessly. This year will be beneficial for working class professionals and contract basis workers.

    There are chances of getting big contracts. Your skills will be utilized and you will get more money and honor than you expected. There is also a sign of getting a certain achievement. The elderly's health will be better in the family and will keep you stress-free.