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Hi sir, Is 27 August auspicious date for marriage?

Hi My name is Caroline cross my D. I am getting married either December 1, or December 15, Which is better? The 15th adds up to 6 but since it has the number 5 in it, does it carry the negative 5 vibrations? Looking at both dates along with the planetary transits , December 15 is a much better date for marriage. All the dates given by the Pandit are correct as per astrology.

You can consider any of the dates which suit yours and family schedule. Our marriage date is fixed on Is it a appropriate day for us to get married… please suggest me sir… please….

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Looking at the marriage dates for December You should relook at this at the earliest. No this is not an auspicious date for marriage. There are no auspicious dates in November You may look at dates between December 10 to December 14, Dear Sir, thank you so much for your reply. I request you to advise us a suitable date for marriage. So not sure what to do now…please advise…thanks…. October — 10, 11 , 12 November — No dates December — 10, 11, 12, 13, Although you have not stated the months and tentative dates that you are looking for marriage.

I have given some idea below. October 10 to 12 October marriage dates November No dates December 10 to 14 marriage dates January 15 January to 20 January and then 23 to 31 January February 1st February then 5th February to 11 February, 14, 15, 19 onwards all dates March 2, 3, 7 to 12 March , thereafter no dates till end of March Do Gauri Shankar Puja before marriage.

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As per your horoscope we see there is debilitated Rahu in the 7th house which is the prime house of marriage. Rahu in the 7th house is not auspicious. Rahu will bring delays and obstacles. Doing Rahu remedies is important for marital happiness. As per your horoscope your 7th house which is the house of marriage is ruled by Mars.

Mars is debilitated in your 3rd house this is not good.

January 16 aquarius daily horoscope

Mercury and Rahu are posited in the 7th house. There will be delay and obstacles in your marriage and it is possible after July Do proper matching of the horoscopes for having happy marital happiness. October — 10, 11, 12 November — No Dates December — 10, 11, 12, 13, I assume you are referring to November 19, It is not a very auspicious day for marriage and another date should be explored. Sir, Can you please analyse the chart, more so ,the navamsa, and briefly tell about my would be spouse.

Im depressed. Cant see any glimmer of hope.

Sir Chaldean wise, my name no. If you can look into my chart or numerologicaly it would be of great help. As you are born under the influence of number 8, you will face many delays and obstacles in your life. You will face delay in settlement and also delay in getting married. The period till January is going to be with lot of struggle.

You are passing through a period of Shani sadesatti. Doing remedies of Shani and reading Hanuman chalisa will help. Sir my dob place cuttack Orissa, time 5. How would it be.? When could it possibly be? Will it be blissful? Will I get a good partner.. As I am an 8 have seen so many misfortunes till now.. Also sir, how would my life be financially.. I m a doctor completed MBBS.. Looking at your natal chart we see that you have Mars and Sun in the 7th house along with Venus and Mercury.

Ketu also aspects your 7th house which is not good. Marriage should be done after proper matching of the horoscopes to have a happy and blissful marital life.

You can look at medicine or pediatrics line as it will suit you well. Namaste sir.

My name is prashanth. I want a good date for engagement and marriage for this year. Pls suggest me sir Thank you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Meet your Soul Mate.


Your Weekly Horoscope

Choosing an auspicious wedding date. Dates to avoid for Marriage. How to have a better marriage life for 8 born people? Tula rashifal astrological analysis. Vrishabh Rashifal as per Vedic Astrology predictions point to a reasonably rewarding year for Vrishabh Rashi individuals. All about the Dhanu rashi. Outwardly, her health will not look to be very good as her internal anatomy is weak.

Avoid taking unwanted risks in this year. Tula Rashi, or the zodiac sign Libra is known to be the seventh zodiac sign. Planet Saturn will be more beneficial during this year. The people with this sign are trustworthy, honest, truthful and sincere. This daily Libra horoscope in Marathi is based on Vedic Astrology. Saturn in 4th Sagittarius, throughout the year.

January Moon Calendar

This way you would not be shocked by challenges that might come your way. Tula or Libra is the seventh Moonsign in Vedic Astrology. To proceed with the tool, kindly enter the OTP received. But users have to wait for that time. August 17 The data that you have pointed to is old data. As Lord Saturn has moved away from that position and hence this New Year brings in pleasant surprises to you. Tag - future of tula rashi rasi. You would host a lot of parties or get-togethers at your home.

Scorpio 12222 hindi

Shani ke swamitv ki ye doosri rashi hai. It provides information of stars and planet postion, rasifala, good days and bad days, inluding how to overcome from bad happenings and many more of each rashi for each days, every months and year wise. When the Lunar Eclipse affects the 2nd Sign from your Sign Libra, you may experience financial crunch. Isn't it? Then do so now. Know the birth star from Date of birth and find suitable names.