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Visit alum Stratos Jenk e 's place in Monastiraki! Visit Byzantium. Leadership Development with The Alkistis Method. A message. We run educational programs for US pre-med college students during the summer and winter months. In cooperation with our hospital partners, students spend weeks in the summer, and weeks in the winter months on a program that places them in a public or private hospital where they practice clinical observation with doctors across a range of specializations.

We are always on the lookout for high quality candidates for our Site Manager position. Site Managers assume the responsibility of all aspects of a program, which involves logistics preparation, planning and execution, managing groups of college students, running excursions and group meals, and ensuring a high quality experience in the hospital with our hospital partners. Our next operating season begins this winter where we will run various programs beginning in early December and going through January. If you or anyone you know are interested, please reach out to me at jonpal.

APRIL 6, Academic ally, I participated in the school's honor program and was the class salutatorian. I was also active in the drama club, and performed in and helped stage several productions. As a result, my younger brother, Ted, who also attended ACS, ended up spending a total of four years there, longer than I did.

My younger sister, Viki, was actually born in Athens, but was too young to attend school there. After graduating from the University of Virginia, I completed my higher education by attending Harvard Law School, which established the basis for my career as an attorney.

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I believe my experience at ACS Athens strongly informed my subsequent development as both a student and a professional. When my family first moved to Athens, I was quite traumatized, as I had spent four years in junior high and high school in northern Virginia, and was settled in with a circle of friends there. High school is traumatic enough for most teens, and being relocated to another country half-way through did not help my sense of self esteem! Happily, I quickly realized that living abroad as a young adult was an exciting opportunity, providing access to travel to exotic locations and the chance to study with peers from a rich variety of diverse backgrounds.

Athens in the mids was an important military and diplomatic post for Americans, and also the locus of significant private sector energy interests.

San Francisco Heated Vinyasa Yoga Studio | Love Story Yoga

A significant percentage of the student population at the school at that time was comprised of Greeks and students from the middle east. And although the cold war was still at its height, my classmates included the children of Russian, Yugoslav and Polish diplomats. During the time we lived in Athens, we enjoyed a sense of security which we lack in today's world. As students, we frequently traveled on our own by bus this was prior to the metro into Athens and Pireaus for social or business reasons.

Groups of students would also frequently visit the islands together, and it was not uncommon for us to go on outings to archeological and historical sites with our professors from school. Looking back on that period, I realize that these experiences added to a robust education. When I returned to the United States for my higher education, I found my surroundings prosaic and even confining by comparison. I knew I wanted to integrate my international background into my studies, which helped influence my majoring in government and foreign affairs at the University of Virginia.

Making everyday life easier

I remain today in active legal practice. My first assignment as an attorney was with the Air Force, where I held the rank of captain as a result of my enlistment in ROTC at university.

tafasssulun.tk The Air Force deferred my entry into active service during my law school education. I was then fortunate enough to be assigned to the Air Force General Counsel's Office at the Pentagon during the closing years of the Vietnam war. Following my active military duty, I entered private practice and worked at a succession of three law firms. Initially, I specialized in government contract law, since I was trained in that field at the Pentagon.

However, because of my interest in practicing in an international arena, when the chance arose I changed my specialization in the law to telecommunications, a burgeoning field in the s with significant international opportunities. For the past seven years, I have served as general counsel of Eutelsat America Corp.

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As background for the few awards I have received, I should first explain my involvement in charitable and civic activities. Throughout my legal career, I have played an active role in supporting artistic and cultural non-profit activities.

I have been particularly active in the Polish-American cultural community, as a result of my ethnic background three polish grandparents, and one from Ossotenia. I also served as pro bono legal counsel to the Gala Hispanic Theater in Washington, DC, for many years, and more recently helped found and provide legal support to the Washington Opera Society, a local non-profit arts group. My parents were both native Pennsylvanians of Polish ancestry.

Nov 1 / 7:30 - 9pm

My father served in the U. Navy during WWII. In his subsequent career as a consular officer in the U. Foreign Service, he served in a number of European and Latin American posts.. He served in a number of European and Latin American posts. My older brother and I were born in the United States, while my younger brother and sister were born in Vienna, Austria and Athens respectively during my father's service overseas. My sister, Viki, followed in my father's footsteps by pursuing a career at the State Department.

With my mother, Verna Lopatkiewicz, and my sister Viki and brother Ted in approximately While we have no children of our own, Michael has a son and four grandchildren, all of whom constitute part of our extended family. My father passed away in My mother, Verna, now 95, resides near Washington in northern Virginia. I am fortunate to have all of my siblings and their spouses living in the D.

ACS Athens provides an unusual opportunity to learn in a sophisticated and diverse environment. I hope today's students recognize the privilege they have in studying there and are making the most of their time at the school. For the American students there, in particular, it is a unique experience that will hopefully prepare them to be better citizens. I wish I had had the opportunity to stay in closer contact with a larger number of my fellow students from ACS. I enjoy the few opportunities we have had in catching up with one another at intermittent reunions.

I have been fortunate in keeping in close contact with one of my classmates and ongoing friends — Ted Gird ner. I have also maintained contact with my former classmate and friend, Diana Gondek, now living in Boston, and very recently reestablished contact with another friend, Sheri Simpson now Reidl who lives and works in northern Virginia. This latter connection is thanks to Facebook, which perhaps the school and our alumni could make better use of in maintaining contact with each other.

Results: Accountants

We are now accepting nominations for the. ACS Athens'. Nomination Form. Now, all of them are ready in all practical and mental aspects of every day student life, and looking forward for the first day of classes, the first day of a new beginning. It is not too late if you feel the urge to have some fun.

We need your thoughts. We will be collecting them and using the ideas to create a plan. Thanks much in advance! The responsibilities include getting out the activity information and collecting results for the House Committee. Please respond with suggestions! Nick discusses Greece's Economy and its Future Struggles. CGTN's Elaine Reyes speaks with Nick Karambelas, a founder of a law firm specializing in international business, and a part of the legal counsel for the American Hellenic Institute, for more on Greece's economy and the end their bailout program.

Parthenon Huxle y. August 30 at PM. Bill has written lyrics for most of the lyrics for songs and does vocals for two of them. The album was released on July 2nd in the U. He pictures the traditional life of Greece.